Press Room

Our journalists and staff are available to offer expert opinion on a wide variety of topics including fashion, beauty, country pursuits, food & drink, family, celebrities and advertising.

If you are a journalist wishing to request an interview or discuss content from one of our current issues then please contact a member of the Time Inc. UK PR team.

  Contact details for the Time Inc. UK PR team:

Karen Myers, Director of Corporate Communications: 020 3148 5400,

Anna Foster, Group Head of PR  - currently on maternity leave

Victoria Higham, PR Manager: 020 3148 5401,

Ridhi Radia, PR Manager: 020 3148 5408,

Holly McNally, Acting PR Manager: 020 3148 5405,


If you have a product, service or press release that might be of interest to one of our journalists please contact our editorial teams directly. Information and contact details can be found here on our brand pages.

Press Releases

Press Releases

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Press Briefing Centre

Press Briefing Centre

Hire the Press Briefing Centre to target our diverse range of brands and to speak directly to some of the best journalists in the business