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The rise of video

Video content is increasing at a phenomenal rate; in just 8 months views per day on Facebooks exploded from 1bn to 4bn! With this in mind we teamed up with MTM to gain some insights into how consumers engage with video content.

Some of the key findings from our study were:

• 67% watch more online video than they ever used to, currently watching an average of 4 videos a day.
• Mobile is the most popular device when viewing videos
• Nearly half say that video is their absolute favourite way to consume content online

We also identified 5 need states, which online video aims to fulfil. These were:

• Boredom relief
• To be entertained
• To keep in the know
• To be inspired
• To be informed

For more information, please contact Nicola Farmar: nicola.farmar@timeinc.com

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