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Work Experience

Work Experience

As you might expect, Time Inc. UK offers a wide range of exciting and challenging work experience opportunities, designed to give you real experience in a fast moving consumer magazine publishing company.

What we offer

Most work experience consists of work shadowing and is a developmental experience, and placements usually last from one or two weeks (for those of school age) to a maximum of four weeks, and is unpaid.

How do I Apply For Work Experience?

Time Inc. UK does not have a central department or team that coordinates all requests, and each magazine has a different policy on whether it accepts work experience applications or not. To apply for a placement please contact the particular magazine, website or department directly with your request - click here for a full list of Time Inc. UK brands, magazines and titles.

To apply for a placement you should send a short covering letter or email to your chosen brand(s) together with a CV or any further supporting information. Try and include why you're interested in spending some time at Time Inc. UK (e.g. you are trying to break into the industry, you need the experience as part of your school or college requirements etc.), what magazine or website you are interested in, why and when, what you'd like to achieve or learn, and details of how the brand can contact you.

What is work experience?

Work experience is usually defined as a specified period of time during which an individual spends time in a business and gains first-hand experience of what working life is like, and of a particular role or area of work. During the placement, the individual may primarily "work shadow" in the sense of observing and understanding how types of work are carried out, or they may actually get to have a go at particular tasks or duties in order to enhance their understanding of the business, a particular department or function, or roles.

Work experience is therefore primarily a learning and development experience, intended to meet pre-agreed learning and development objectives. However, we recognise that many individuals on work experience will want to experience at first hand as much "real work" as possible in order to feel they are making a contribution, have a chance to try out new skills and experiences, and to get feedback about their potential suitability for roles should they seek them in the future.

Why is work experience important?

Work experience offers many benefits and opportunities for our employees, our business and for our industry. For individuals, they can try their hand at some of the many daily activities of our magazines and websites, helping with administrative and editorial tasks and processes to better understand what is involved. Is work experience paid?

Work experience, by its nature, is normally available on an unpaid basis as it is primarily a developmental experience. However, there are some types of work experience for which individuals will be paid at the minimum wage or above. This will depend on whether the work experience offered makes the individual a "worker" for the purposes of the national minimum wage (NMW) and we would look at factors such as the nature of the placement and any "work" to be carried out, the length of the placement and whether the person carrying it out is of compulsory school age or is working as part of a UK-based further or higher education course. Time Inc. UK complies in full with the requirements in relation to paying the National Minimum Wage when it is appropriate to do so.

Anyone coming to Time Inc. UK on work experience can be assured that we will not use individuals on work experience as a means of filling "gaps" left by departing employees or other workers who would otherwise be entitled to be paid for the work done.

Although the number and type of work experience opportunities will vary from year to year, where brands are known to offer fulfilling work experience opportunities, these will be indicated on their website. This will allow the widest range of students and applicants from many different backgrounds the opportunity to apply and be considered.